Notaries are independent holders of a public office.  This may not sound exciting, but at the end of the day it is.  Notaries continue to demonstrate how public services can be efficiently rendered by private persons.

One of the highest priority responsibilities of government is to provide high quality public services for the citizens.  Part of this responsibility is assigned to notaries.  We are required by law to make sure there is a balance of interests when structuring legal transactions.

Accordingly, the provision of notarial services is anything but a formality.  Notarial services ensure legal certainty and avoid disputes.  Moreover, we help the individual to find his or her way both privately and in business in light of increasing complexity and internationalization of factual and legal situations.

The successful rendering of our services can be guaranteed only when we strive to meet the highest standards.  That is a primary reason notaries are selected from the best candidates and are obligated to undergo further training.

These quality standards also apply to our employees.  The official services of the notary can only be performed in an optimum manner when documents are prepared with precision, speed and without any friction.

Our mission is simple: We insist upon providing the highest quality service when we serve you.