and business law

A business idea must clear many hurdles, including myriad legal issues, before it becomes a reality.  We help you clear these hurdles.

For example, we provide advice on which legal form is most appropriate for your needs. This is crucial for a number of reasons, including the degree to which you are personally liable, how your business will be taxed and whether and in which form the balance sheet must be prepared.

If you want to establish a business with one or more partners, we balance the interests of both parties.  We draft customized, balanced articles of association that are appropriate for everyone involved.  And, of course, we also enter your company in the commercial registry.

The needs of most businesses evolve.  For example, a restructuring or change in the legal form might be required.  Or perhaps you are thinking about a merger or joint venture.  Perhaps you want to spin off part of the business or divide a company into several independent entities.  We provide unbiased advice in all of these matters to you, your attorneys, your accountants or investment planners.