and real estate law

The acquisition of property fulfills a lifelong dream for many people and also typically represents the greatest investment in their lives.  This normally requires taking out a loan and long-term financial obligations.  All parties should be secure in such an important matter, and the law makes provisions for this.  Notaries must be involved in all real estate transactions.

We structure the contract in such a manner that it is both safe and balanced for sellers or developers and purchasers.  Of course, we also tend to safe and quick implementation of the contract, including in the areas of property donations or conversion of property into condominiums.

In all situations we act as a neutral adviser in the interests of all parties, regardless of whether small or large properties, private property, real estate outsourcing or the sale of a portfolio is involved.

In the case of complex real estate transactions, we work in close cooperation with your advisors or financers. We also provide our expertise early in the process of structuring the contract upon your request.